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For many decades, Albright International has been the number one name in Heavy-Duty DC relays. Albright relays have become the standard that others have tried to imitate. It is not without reason that Albright is the most popular and widespread relay in the world.

Albright's original designs and technical specifications have resulted in products that are at the same time compact and space-saving, without compromising on performance. Albright relays are made of materials of the highest quality.

Thermoset contact housings (0% thermoplastic), 92% silver alloy contact ends, solid copper conductors, class-H insulation on coils and self-lubricating magnetic tanks are just some of the characteristic features that have helped establish Albright as a leading supplier of DC relays. Albright is used for example on electric trucks, electric vehicles, many ATV:s, passenger lifts, tail lifts, heavy-duty winches and maritime products. In short, Albright has a product for everything where DC is used.

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Albright is Only Sold to the Finnish market from MK-Controls Oy 
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All You Need for DC Switching

Albright have it all - Whether you work with Marine, Telecom, UPS or EV application - We have a solution for you from small PC-contactors to high current of 1800A at 96V DC Continuous and the range goes now also high voltages up to 500A at 500V DC. 

Emergency Disconnects, Motor Reversing, Combined line contactor and Disconnect Switch, Busbar or Stud versions and more.