Flat Wiping Connectors from Anderson Power Products (APP)

Are you looking for a suitable flat connector for your industrial application or does your connector need replacing? Then consider an SB, SBE, SBO, or SBX connector from Anderson Power Products.

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SB connectors

This connector series connectors are offered in SB 50, SB 120, SB 175, and SB 350 and are including with one housing + two main contacts. These connectors can be paired with almost all types of cables with diameters ranging from 12 AWG (3.3mm²) to AWG 4/0 (from stock) and per request up to 300MCM (150mm²). We are able to assemble the connector according to your requirements for any type of cable. Anderson SB plugs are available in colours and are colour-coded if you need to indicate voltage used with colours yellow 12V, orange 18V, red 24V, grey 36V, blue 48V, green 72V, and black 80V. The UL rating for this connector series is 600V. The Series number shows the Rated Amperage, for example, an SB 175 is 175A/600V.

The Anderson SB-series connectors are often used to transfer power between batteries, vehicles, trailers where there is a need for higher voltages, quick disconnection and high durability on wear.

SBE connectors

Anderson SBE connectors are available as SBE 80, SBE 160, and SBE 320. The housing of these SB-European models is made of a mix of PBT and PC that is resistant to chemical products. Another feature of these is that the two main contacts can easily be extended with auxiliary contacts and/or air adapters. These connectors are often used in heavy-duty applications where auxiliary options are preferred.

SBO and SBX connectors

Anderson also offers the SBO 60, SBX 175, and SBX 350 connectors. Their housing is made of PC only, which makes this type of connectors more resistant to external wear and shocks. Also with this series, the two maincontacts can easily be extended with auxiliary contacts and/or air adapters

You can find more information in the datasheets below. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are glad to help you find the connector best suitable for your application.