MK-Controls Oy supply a wide range of connectors from low to high voltages. Common applications are for various types of vehicles and applications with different battery types.

Euro-DIN Connectors

for industrial battery chargers, vehicles from Rema and APP as well as Ravioli and Proconect, Schaltbau.

Flat Connectors (Heavy Duty Quick Disconnect)

Traction batteries, battery packs, Car Jumper leads DIY applications. The most common coloured housing connectors from 50 Amps to 350 Amps such as Anderson SB175 and REMA SR175 from stock in all colours and wire size combinations.

Advanced and data-connectors

In addition, we do have connectors used with lithium batteries. These are the most common Amphenol SurLok Plus and Rebling feed-through, Amphenol M12 and Harting data connectors. In addition, we offer connectors for different types of battery cells, such as Frötek connectors or solid copper or woven connectors.

Motor Connectors

FT80 Motor Connectors from REMA for industrial applications and motors.

Nato Connectors

For more specific purposes like trucks and military we do offer NATO connectors from Erich Jaeger, also standard CEE connectors from Mennekes.